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About Us

Singapore's leading waste management and bulky waste disposal company. We are a one stop disposal, recycling and waste management. We offers full-service waste disposal / removal from all industrial and sectors, to manage your hazardous and difficult waste, regardless of the type, volume or location.We take pride in providing our clients with a service that they can rely on.

Commercial Waste Disposal

We provide waste disposal for commercial general waste from organisations of all shapes and sizes across Singapore, offering safe, reliable and legal treatment of your general waste with minimal disruption to your business.


Residential Waste Disposal

Yi Hui Recycle Hub is the absolute business solution to your  residential waste as we work smartly to remove almost everything from your house / apartment and leave it lively, clean and in a comfortable ambiance.

Transportation for Waste Disposal

When you move your house or office, there will be many waste left over that you do not wish to move to the new place. At Yi Hui Recycle Hub, we help you to dispose off those waste. Thus, when it comes to dispose services, you can rest assured Yi Hui Recycle Hub will do an efficient job for you. You do not have to fret over what to do with your unwanted stuff.